Sue Morton


Uncertain times for us all. Luckily, in the beautiful Spring weather during Lockdown I was able to walk, armed with a small sketchbook, in the quiet and often totally unpopulated countryside. The brushes have been gathering dust whilst I have enjoyed the freedom of no commitments, but recently I've returned to painting in watercolour after five years of painting in oils, trying to bring the sketches to life using a slightly unfamiliar medium.

No exhibitions on the horizon, and the wonderful Coast Gallery at Cloughton, where i have been fortunate to sell a lot of work over the years, has closed its doors for the last time. We will all miss it and the friendship of Gavin, Denise and Shaun, as well as the delicious coffees, cake and cheese scones.. So what to do now? Back to the canvas, keep painting and hope for the best!

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